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Best of 2016; 5 Travel Experiences To Remember

The start of a new year is always exciting. A whole year of possibilities for new experiences in new countries or rediscovering and enjoying travels to familiar places.

It is also time to reminisce about the past year. Look through your pictures and think about what you have experienced and discovered the last year. Don't just let the memories be tucked away in a folder on your computer or on your cell phone. Make a concious effort to look at the past year's pictures, remember the good times you've had and it will make you smile!

Here are the top 5 travel experiences in 2016 that I'm especially salvaging and cherishing in the beginning of the new year.


1. two friends' weddings abroad


Celebrating a wedding abroad is a really fun experience - as the wedding becomes a trip of it's own and you get to spend some more time together with the people in the wedding. It is also very interesting to learn about other traditions and ways to celebrate. I was so fortunate to celebrate two of my friends' weddings abroad this year in Ibiza and New Hampshire. They were both beautiful and fun and lasted into the wee hours..and both very humid :D


2. the great niagara falls


Nature's own wonders always makes me greatly humble and amazed over the earth. I have always been very fascinated by the ocean and the power of water, and so it has been a wish of mine to see the Niagara Falls. It was truly a great experience to see the power of the huge Falls..


3. dirty thirty in paris and versailles


What started as a crazy idea during a dinner party in February turned into a great weekend celebrating my dirty thirty in Paris and Versailles in November. I will never forget the trip and all the laughter and good times during that weekend!


4. music festivals and concerts abroad


It is always fun to combine music festivals and concerts with travels. This year the Veld Festival in Toronto and David Guetta in Ibiza was two really fun once-in-a-lifetime experiences.


5. much needed sun in rio


For those of you who are summer-persons living in a "winter country" (where there mainly is cold weather and months of very long dark days), you will understand the need for sun and warmth in the middle of winter. It was amazing to get a few days in sunny Copacabana and feel the tropical weather of Brazil to fill up the batteries to survive the winter.

What a great year - and what amazing memories to always keep :D

- thefreebohemian


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