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3 City Restaurants For A Tropical Island Feeling

It's summer time and vacation time for many. Some people prefer the beach and some prefer city breaks in the summer. Even though you prefer a city break you still may get a tropical feel since it's trending now for restaurants to be filled with tropical plants and palmtrees. Here are three city restaurants if you don't quite fancy the beach but want that tropical feeling or to plan to go there for a rainy day or fall/winter.


Amerikalinjen - Oslo, Norway


The newly opened hotel Amerikalinjen in Oslo has a great breakfast with eggs, bacon, pancakes, cheese and cold cuts, vegetables and fruit, bagels and sweet pastries. You will find it right by Oslo Central Station so it is great to start or finish your trip there. It almost feels like you are sitting in a tropical forest.


La gare- Paris, france


The newly reopened and renovated restaurant La Gare in the Passy area in Paris is actually an old subway station. How cool is that! You are actually sitting on top of old tracks or the old waiting platform. The restaurant served french food for years, but now reopened as a Peruvian restaurant with lots of tropical plants and colors. Try the maki rolls - amazing!


Sushisamba - london, uk


Another super restaurant to try that makes you feel like you are in a rainforest is SushiSamba in London. It is a Japanese-Brazilian fusion. The sushi was great and they are also known for their highly priced meat. They have several locations, but this is the one in Covent Garden.

The dessert is even called rainforest and has lots of «leaves» and even a chocolate "snail". Everything in the picture below was edible.

Hope you all are having a lovely summer!

- thefreebohemian

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