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3 Crazy Hostel Experiences To Avoid Today

First of all, I'm a fan of hostels and usually promote them to friends and acquaintances since hostels don't have the best reputation. Not so many people know that many hostels also have private rooms with a private bathroom exactly like in a hotel. The reason why it is called a hostel is because it also offers dorm rooms or bunkbed-rooms in addition to private rooms.

Budget accomodation may include motels, B&B, Airbnb, hostels or hotels. Many people are usually not that picky and will put up with a lot when backpacking or traveling on a budget, especially young people. However, there should be a limit to what you can accept and should make you turn around and demand a refund. Here are three budget experiences from hostels that should be avoided.

1. Staying in an overcrowded dorm

Some hostel owners are cheap and try to fit in as much people as possible in every room. Don't put up with staying in a room for 12 where there is not room for backpacks or possible to walk on the floor. Ask for a refund and stay somewhere else. You can find great hostels with lockers and shelves and closets for your things. Some places even have make-up tables in all girls-dorms if you like to take your time in the morning.

2. Finding bugs

The big scare for many is to bring home insects or bed bugs, and usually that is the biggest reason why people don't stay in hostels.

The best tip when you arrive in your room is to remove the bed sheat and beat your mattress lightly, then bed bugs will appear if they are there and run across the mattress. If you find one bed bug - there usually are more. Do not accept staying in this room and depending on the reaction of the accommodation - consider demanding a refund and leaving the hostel all together. If the accommodation is serious they will bring in exterminators right away and turn the room upside down and give you another room. However, if this does not happen you can bet there are more bed bugs throughout the hostel.

However, I need to say that in all my time staying in budget accommodation, I have only encountered bed bugs once.

3. Security matters

Some budget accommodation get by with the most ridiculous accommodation because there are not other cheap alternatives in the area. Do not accept anything just because you want to save money. I once stayed in a "hostel" that was really just a normal house with no reception or security or any people in the house, except for 2 other guests. There was only 4 rooms and the front door of the house could not even be locked. By the way, this was in Mexico. Today I would pick up my bags, demand a refund and pay the extra money for another accomodation.

A final word

There is no reason to avoid hostels when searching for a place to stay. is a great place to start and you can filter hostels to show only those which have private rooms. Families and retired people stay at hostels as well. Hostels usually have several rooms to hang out besides your room and it is easy to get to know other people and usually there are lots of activities you can sign up to or lots of information to find in the common areas compared to a hotel. However, remember to read reviews and make sure that kids are allowed if traveling with kids.

Remember these three cases are the exceptions and the few cases that you should not accept.

- thefreebohemian

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