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4 Ways Marrakech Gives Aesthetic Appreciation

Wow, Marrakech, what a colorful and exotic city. The locals in this city have given a lot of thought and attention to details to give you an experience that will feed all your senses. You will find color- and patternmixes that will throw off even the most experienced street style star.


Detailed doors that lead to beautiful riads in back alleys



A myriad of handcrafted ceramics, art and textiles in the souks


The souks in Marrakech has everything you didn't think you needed; leather poufs, purses, carpets, pillows, textile poufs, ceramics, cups, brass, copper, jewellery, clothes, spices and oils. The closer you get to the middle of the souks, the less the sellers are willing to bargain and the higher the starting price.


Afternoon tea or dinner with a view


From the top to the bottom picture; the restaurant Nomad, the roof terrace of the Riad BE Marrakech, and the restaurant Le jardin. All three are highly recommended!


Colorful pattern mixes at hotels and riads


The two first pictures are from the Riad BE Marrakech. We had an amazing stay there with delicious breakfast everyday, a great location and now they even have an in-house yoga studio. We didn't try the spa or massages, but they offer that too. The two bottom pictures are from La Mamounia, where you can spend one day at the spa, with indoor and outdoor pools included, as well as lunch. There were not a lot of people there in December. However, drinks are not included at lunch and it was the most expensive bottle of water I have ever bought (coming from a Norwegian).

Some places you know you want to go back within hours of being there - Marrakech definitely is one of those places for me. In this city, you will find everything you need for a great girls' trip; the food is flavorful, tasty and spicy (if you want), the shopping is great, there is a spa/massage possibility on every corner and everywhere you go there is incredible aesthetics. Already looking forward to the next trip there!

- thefreebohemian

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